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      Will you help steward this diversity representing, in many cases, the foundation material of modern market classes?

      Now thats a deal!

      100$ for 50 unique populations representing the gamut of the cultivated tomato gene pool. Have something unique to add…? Contact us to include.


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    Were here to help others not only save seed but to assure that the genetic lines, linea, or lineages this life represents are actively preserved through taking part in their evolution, truly sui generis.

    You may be asking yourself if you can plant all this in your backyard?

    While more space, in this case, is better a large backyard garden is all you will need. Now the question is what are you going to do with all those tomatoes you harvest!

    We plant multiple seedlings to a clump and space elbow to hand distance between following a natural selection. Yes you will end up with crossing between different groups but if you arrange your planting by type- red cherry and red cherry- it will be rare to end up with a red SsuBakus Aliana that is described as yellow, as it happened- although it must be noted that we really do not know their original or intended form, especially for some of these very rare varieties. In other words, if the SsuBakus Aliana’s skin is red let it be red, why throw her away? Either way we will send the collection coded for type so you can organize accordingly. Let the most adapted, flavorful, and nutritious individuals live on!

    Remember, one reason why there are so many varieties of tomatoes is they are relatively easy to grow and save seed from. Give it a go!

    10 seeds of each * >50 varieties = roughly 40’x15′ of garden space required.

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