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  • Seed Balls – Sweet Four Sisters

    Seed balls are an ancient method of protecting seeds, practiced by various cultures throughout time. Our seeds are hand rolled in a mixture of clay, compost, and Bokashi microbes, before drying. This allows seeds to stay protected from the elements, as well as birds and animals, until the optimal conditions for germination occur. Seed balls can be cast onto the soil anytime of year but remember you get what you put into it. Let us not forget the teachings of Fukuoka and lets learn from his successful no-till gardening experience. On the backyard scale simply take the ball and push it into a well structured soil. If you can get you ball to stay intact once two-thirds covered, your soil is in an ideal state. Congratulations! If not amend with a 2in layer of our Hop Compost.

    Sweet Four Sisters – This three sisters blend has the peptia hulless squash, pinto bean, sweet corn and milkweed all in one ball. Plant 1 ball/sq. ft.


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