Seed Services

Do you want to save your own seed but are unsure how? Do you want to become seed self sufficient but don’t know where to begin or what tools are needed? Are you unsure what to plant at what time of year, or what seeds are best for your soil and location? We provide you with our technical know-how and specialized equipment to help you find success in your gardens and in your transition toward seed self-sufficiency. You can do it! And we are ready to assist.

Individual seed services or package rates (three or more of the below services) are available:

  • determining the right seed for both location and time of year
  • planting to harvesting seed, multiple seasons
  • harvesting, collecting, thrashing of all types of seed
  • seed milling and processing
  • managing, sorting, storing, and organizing
  • creating and maintaining your seed collection
  • germination and viability testing

Pricing is determined on a job by job basis, and based on the size and scale of the project. Please Contact us to set up a seed saving consultation ($30 per half hour) included in the cost of any of our packages.

You may be interested in our Seed CSA—our recent initiative to bring our Seeds and know-how to any size garden and to meet your specific needs. For details and pricing see here.

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