Seed Saving

Our garden seeds are non-certified ORGANIC (produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides) and are grown, harvested, and processed by hand (with love!) in small-scale backyards and community gardens in and around Guelph, ON, Canada. None of our seeds are patented, PVP, or genetically modified (GMO). We offer open-pollinated, public domain seed, as well as heterogeneous (diverse gene) bulk populations.

Our mission is to increase and preserve plant genetic diversity based on the science that in-situ (on-site) conservation, in varying environments will improve the resiliency of seed varieties and safeguard their genetic diversity from extinction. Unlike traditional seed companies, our wish is for this genetic diversity to be adapted within your particular environments, with your caring hands—a real grassroots seed conservation movement! By doing so, together we increase plant genetic diversity, adaptability, and resilience—tools needed for a changing climate and to resist consolidation in the seed and food industries.

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