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What more can be done to promote Resilient Food Systems?

Seed Sovereignty matters…

Seeds are life. Restrictions on saving and sharing seeds threaten our wellbeing, as well as limit the ability of agroecosystems and the species within them to adapt overtime.

Because of the social nature of exchange, seeds are at a key socio-environmental interface. International organizations, such as La Vía Campesina have protested the concentration of seed ownership at the Convention on Biological Diversity because of the restriction it places on the ability of small farmers to access locally, viable seeds, and also because of the ecological/political/social implications of genetically modified (GM) seeds. International organizations advancing the seed sovereignty and food sovereignty movements continue to advocate for international policies that protect global agrobiodiversity. A major critique by such organizations has centered on the consolidation of the seed industry (see Professor Philip H. Howard’s work) threatening local landraces. Seeds are not only crucial for local food security, they are the foundation of agroecological resilience.

To prevent biopiracy and to ensure open access to seeds, several scholars and food activists have advocated for policies that include measures that safeguard and promote the maintenance and development of in-situ conservation. Professor and Rural Sociologist, Jack Kloppenburg, suggests Open Source Seed’ as “a mechanism for germplasm exchange that allows sharing among those who reciprocally share, but excludes those who will not: a protected commons”.  It is this balance of resistance and creativity that is necessary to realize seed sovereignty on a larger scale.

Seeds are POWER…Plant with caution!

Support grassroots organizations, such as:

Agroecology in Action

Berkeley Food Institute

Community Alliance for Global Justice

Cuba-U.S. Agroecology Network

ETC Group

Family Farm Defenders

Food Democracy Now!

Food First

Food Secure Canada

Grassroots International

Groundswell: Center for Local Food and Farming

Institute for  Agriculture and Trade Policy

International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty

La Vía Campesina

National Family Farm Coalition

National Farmers Union


Organic Seed Alliance

Pesticide Action Network


Soul Fire Farm

USC Canada

US Food Sovereignty Alliance

and many more…

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