• Erik

    I remember a talk at the University of Guelph about private vs. public breeding initiatives. (Was it given by one of the top spokespeople of Syngenta or Pioneer?) Anyhow, the message rang loud and clear: leave the breeding to the private sector! Where there is money and resources there is a future for developing good new plant varieties. No need for underresourced universities, or backyard gardeners to do what the private sector can do better! HA! What a load of hogwash that was!

    February 19, 2013
  • Consolidation into the hands of enormous companies like these never sounds like a good idea. There are few men who can hold power well. And money is one of the biggest powers in the world economy of today. But I also think there’s a lot of power in backyard gardeners collecting and saving their own seeds. And I’m encouraged by the number of seed companies out there who openly say they do not sell a single seed from Seminis (Monsanto’s vegetable-seed company). Like Baker Creek, or Bountiful Gardens, or Terroir, or Sow True Seed, or Territorial Seed Company, or Seed Savers.

    March 27, 2013
    • Erik

      I could not agree more. Keep in mind however, that even some of these larger companies listed buy their seed from wholesale growers rather than growing it themselves (of course the economics drive this decision). We would like to see gardeners saving there own seed and sharing it among themselves and others.

      April 09, 2013

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