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    Have you seen these on your tomatoes?

    Stink bugs seem to love heirloom tomatoes as much as I do. Their piercing and sucking mouth parts damage the developing fruit causing scaring of the tissue.


    This scaring results in a leathery skin rather than the normal soft n’ juicy texture.

    So what can you do?

    Some growers meticulously pick of and kill the stink bugs but I surely do not have time for this!

    If you have access to electricity you may want to try shining a light over a basin of soapy water.

    By doing this through the night you can collect the stink bugs in the morning.

    We didn’t have access to electricity in our tomato patch this year so we relied on genetic diversity and a few cultural methods to limit fruit damage.

    Some varieties are more susceptible like the Manchester Plum shown above, however, many others are tolerant given the bugs have another food source.

    To minimize the population from exploding through the late summer cut any irrigation and fertilizer amendments back as far as possible. This will reduce luxuriant growth of both the tomatoes and the bugs.  You may also want to try picking all the early fruit, even if green, when the stink bugs migrate in. They may move on if there is no food source. Protective covers early in the season may also distract migrating populations. Lots of space in between plants will also help to reduce population explosion.

    In the end, however, it looks like the stink bug problem is hear to stay so if you have any experiences please post them here.


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    I didn’t have as much a problem this past season but did the year before (2013 growing season). But I found that the stinkbugs preferred the cosmos interplanted in my plot. I’ve heard sunflowers and marigolds will also work as trap crops.

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