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      nice-garden   This forum is for all the seed savers out there. A place to swap ideas and seeds. Have you selected a unique variant that you would like someone else to try in their location?¬†Norman Borlaug, while unwittingly the father of the Green Revolution, used shuttle breeding to develop varieties with broad adaptation. By exposing your selections to multiple environments, it is feasible to build greater resilience. However, make sure to keep your genetics diverse. This will depend on the species and the reproductive mechanisms at play, but we can get into those details as necessary via this forum.
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      SONY DSC This forum is to provide a space for garden chatter. We have a few community garden plots in the area and enjoy the interaction we have with other gardeners. One thing we have found is there are so many ways to garden. Much of it is by feeling, but little tricks here and there do help. If you have any advice/tips to share, or are wondering what bug is eating holes in your leafy greens, or what is eating all your root veggies, please post!
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       Joep Ingen Housz

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